So You’re A Buyer…What Do I Do For A Downpayment?

DownPaymentsMadeEasyI get it, I understand.  You are a new home buyer and ask “What do I do for a downpayment?”  Well there is a app for that, well not really but there is a website. According to RealtyTrac, 68 million homes qualify for a down payment program available in the county where they are located based on the maximum price requirements for those programs and the estimated value of the properties.  87 million buyers qualify for some kind of assistance but do not know how to access the program.   Down Payment Resource is out to change that for millions of home buyers.  You don’t necessary have to be a first time homebuyer to qualify.   If you are thinking about buying a home, click on the link to see if there are any programs available to you and contact me so I can help you find a lender that will work with your needs and find your next home.

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