Cedar Park Stage 3 Water Restrictions – August 1, 2013


Courtesy of Cedar Park

As drought conditions persist in Central Texas, Cedar Park is adopting stage 3 water restrictions effective August 1, 2013.   All residential and commercial addresses will be allowed to water once a week.  In addition to weekly watering the restrictions included:

  • Sprinkler systems must be in good working order
  • Automobiles must be washed at a commercial car wash
  • Ornamental ponds and fountains are prohibited unless necessary to support aquatic life
  • No usage of water to wash sidewalks or driveways
  • Power washers are prohibited
  • Single family residential pools “auto fill” must be turned off and limit refill on designated water day
  • Residential recreational sprinkler devises such as slip and slides are prohibited.

With stage 3 water restrictions, there are options for home owners, the city suggests that residents can reduce water consumption and still have a beautiful landscape but using drought tolerant plants and foliages.     For homeowners that think their HOA will not allow for drought tolerance plants or xerioscaping, that has changed in Texas.  SB 198 modifies section 202.07 of Texas Property Code that restricts the HOA from enforcing a provision that would prohibit or restrict the home owner from using drought-resisintat landscaping or water conserving natural turf.  Homeowners may still need to get approval, but it may not be unreasonably denied or withheld. The city has put forth a quick video that reviews the coming changes.

Those that fail to follow the new watering guidelines can be levied hefty fines for up to $200 for residential and $1,000 for commercial customer.  With Lake Travis just at 618, we all have to do our part in water conservation.   The city of Cedar Park’s website provides valuable information on the new water restrictions, I urge all residence to review and share with neighbors.

If you have questions about how changing your landscape would affect your property values please feel free to contact me.  If you are thinking about selling, buyer or investing in real estate and not sure if it is the right time, call me at 513-368-3910 to discuss.

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