Are home prices leveling off…

Reviewing market statistics is one of the many functions I dutifully perform as a professional REALTOR, and as I review 2016 to 2015 my initial thought, are home prices leveling off in Williamson County?

After reviewing the statistics I re-read a post of mine from this time last year “Why Waiting to Buy…Not Good For Your Wallet” and I was correct, home prices are not leveling off..yet.

As you can see in the graph below, we had a small back slide on sales price from December 2015 to January 2016.  However, if you look closely, that is a trend over the past five years.   So what does this tell me as a REALTOR and you as a consumer?  I don’t see any appreciable leveling off of sales prices in Williamson Co. in the near future.

To all the buyers that are thinking of buying don’t wait, contact me.  I am rich in resources to help you buy…a home.

Williamson Co. TX MLS Stats 2016

Williamson Co. TX MLS Stats 2016

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