Are home prices leveling off…

February 19th, 2016

Reviewing market statistics is one of the many functions I dutifully perform as a professional REALTOR, and as I review 2016 to 2015 my initial thought, are home prices leveling off in Williamson County?

After reviewing the statistics I re-read a post of mine from this time last year “Why Waiting to Buy…Not Good For Your Wallet” and I was correct, home prices are not leveling off..yet.

As you can see in the graph below, we had a small back slide on sales price from December 2015 to January 2016.  However, if you look closely, that is a trend over the past five years.   So what does this tell me as a REALTOR and you as a consumer?  I don’t see any appreciable leveling off of sales prices in Williamson Co. in the near future.

To all the buyers that are thinking of buying don’t wait, contact me.  I am rich in resources to help you buy…a home.

Williamson Co. TX MLS Stats 2016

Williamson Co. TX MLS Stats 2016

So You’re A Buyer…What Do I Do For A Downpayment?

May 22nd, 2015

DownPaymentsMadeEasyI get it, I understand.  You are a new home buyer and ask “What do I do for a downpayment?”  Well there is a app for that, well not really but there is a website. According to RealtyTrac, 68 million homes qualify for a down payment program available in the county where they are located based on the maximum price requirements for those programs and the estimated value of the properties.  87 million buyers qualify for some kind of assistance but do not know how to access the program.   Down Payment Resource is out to change that for millions of home buyers.  You don’t necessary have to be a first time homebuyer to qualify.   If you are thinking about buying a home, click on the link to see if there are any programs available to you and contact me so I can help you find a lender that will work with your needs and find your next home.

Why Waiting to Buy…Not Good for Your Wallet

May 1st, 2015

Okay buyers, let me explain why waiting to buy is not good for your wallet.  The 2015 home buying season is in full swing and I continue to speak with buyers that want to “wait”.  Well, your waiting is going to cost serious dollars.  That house and  neighborhood you absolutely love , maybe out of your reach in a year or less.  In Central Texas, we are seeing historic increase in median sale values (i.e. prices are going up).  In  Williamson County alone, comparing 2015 to 2014 median sales price jump $30K.  As you can see in the following graph, the previous years we were seeing single digit increases in sales price year over year.  This year it is in the double digits.  If we continue on this trajectory the pool of homes in the first time home buyer price point will be pushed further north in Williamson county and out of Cedar Park.  So if you wait, be prepared to at least pay $200 more a month on a mortgage.  You don’t need a ton of money to get in your next home.  Talk to a professional that can educate you and separate the noise you find on the internet with reality.  If you have questions about the home buying process, contact me.

Williamson County Association of Realtors Monthly Stats

Williamson County Association of Realtors Monthly Stats

Do You “Flip” Real Estate — The IRS is watching

January 29th, 2015

Do you “flip” real estate? The IRS is watching.  Did you know that the IRS has two ways to categorize your proceeds of the sale for tax purposes, one of these categories will increase your tax bill by 15.3%.   The two categories are Real Estate Investor, the other Real Estate Dealer.    The IRS makes each dealer/investor determination based on the “facts and circumstances” surrounding the sale(s).  Some of this circumstances: does the flipper hold a real estate license, the number of sales, do you have employees?   As outlined in Tierra Grande Magazine article [January 2015, Dr. Stern] it is good practice for those involved in “flipping houses” to review your tax liability with a qualified tax or real estate attorney.

If you are considering investing real estate, contact me for a consultation on current market conditions in Central Texas.

Be In Your Home Before The Holidays!

November 12th, 2014

You still have time to be in your home before the holidays!  Just on the market, 1048 W South Dr., Leander TX, this four side Texas stone home provides plenty of kitchen and living space for all your friends and family this holiday season.  Westview Meadows in centrally located in Leander TX just off Bagdad Road, feeding in to Rouse High School.  Easy access to transportation, shopping, schools and employers make this an ideal location.  The home is offered at $165,000 and is a 3 bedroom, two full bath.  The current owner has just installed new carpet and updated the paint.   This home will not last!   Contact me for a showing.   Professional Listed by Cyndi Bell-Keller Williams-1048 W South-Leander-TX-78641-Family03 Professional Listed by Cyndi Bell-Keller Williams-1048 W South-Leander-TX-78641-Family Professional Listed by Cyndi Bell-Keller Williams-1048 W South-Leander-TX-78641-ExteriorFront02 Professional Listed by Cyndi Bell-Keller Williams-1048 W South-Leander-TX-78641-Kitchen04

New Listing – Point Venture – 330 Southwind

August 24th, 2014

Another new listing in Village of Point Venture  that is nestled on the north side of Lake Travis is now available at 330 Southwind.  This home is a Silverton Custom Home and incorporates soaring ceilings, Lake Travis views from private deck, fresh carpet, hard tile and polished/stained concrete floors   This split-level home boasts, I’ll say it again,  stunning views of  Lake Travis.  Point Venture is hidden gem is on the north side of Lake Travis and is an easy 30-minute drive to Cedar Park, Texas.  Living here is truly resort living.  This stunning home includes access to Jr. Olympic pool, marina slips, marina bar, private boat access, library, fitness room, meeting rooms, clubhouse, nine-hole golf and park!  WOW!  I got tired just by writing about all the things you can do! This featured home is located in the Village of Point Venture and is where you can live everyday at a recreational destination. Once your come to visit you will not want to leave!  To schedule a personal viewing of the property, please call me at 512-616-4131 or contact me.

Professionally Listed by Cyndi Bell_330 Southwind_LagoVista_LakeviewProfessionally Listed by Cyndi Bell_330 Southwind_LagoVista_Frontexterior02Professionally Listed by Cyndi Bell_330 Southwind_LagoVista_Deck

Leander ISD Pre-K & Kindergarden Registration

March 5th, 2014 ISD is preparing for the 2014 school year with early registration for Pre-K and Kindergarden.  Registration for the 2014-15 school year will be held on April 16th and 17th. Campuses will be open from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Leander ISD is opening the Reed Elementary School for the 2014 school year, if you are unsure where to register your child, parents/guardians may register their child at any LISD elementary school, even if they are zoned to attend another LISD campus.

In order to register your child, you will need to bring ALL of the following:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child social security card
  • Immunization Records
  • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian
  • Proof of Residency (i.e. electric or water bill)

Registation for Kindergarden, children must be 5 years of age before September 1, 2014; for Pre-K, children must be 4 years of age before September 1, 2014.

If you need to order a certificate, you can contact Texas Vital Statistics.

If you are wanting your child to feed in to a specific school and need to buy or sell a home to make it happen, please contact me.


328 Southwind: Lake Travis Living in Point Venture

February 20th, 2014

New Listing now available at 328 Southwind in Point Venture. What an opportunity to own a property with private Lake Travis access under $300,000!  328 Southwind is Texas lake living at its best.  This split-level home boast two decks, both with panoramic views of Texas hill country and decks face Lake Travis.  This hidden gem is on the north side of Lake Travis and is an easy 30-minute drive to Cedar Park, Texas.  Exterior is hardi-plank and Texas limestone with native landscaping.    Interior includes upgraded kitchen and master bath with plush carpet and hard tile.  This featured home is located in the Village of Point Venture and is where you can live everyday at a recreational destination.  This stunning home includes access to Jr. Olympic pool, marina slips, marina bar, private boat access, library, fitness room, meeting rooms, clubhouse, nine-hole golf and park!  WOW!  I got tired just by writing about all the things you can do!  Once your come to visit you will not want to leave!  To schedule a personal viewing of the property, please call me at 512-616-4131 or contact me.

328 Southwind, Point Venture TX

328 Southwind, Point Venture TX

328 Southwind, Point Venture TX

328 Southwind, Point Venture TX

Tips to “Winterize” a Vacant Home

November 30th, 2013


Realizing we are in the Central Texas area, “winterizing” your home doesn’t apply to our climate all the time, but with lower temperature for the next couple of months I like to remind my clients who have a vacant home a few things to safe guard their investment.

  • Turn the heater on “low”. This may seem like a waste of energy, but having the heater on will help present freezing temperatures in the home and keep the pipes from bursting. The cost of a heating bill is far cheaper than repairing the damage from busted pipes that flood your home.
  • Turn off the water and drain all the pipes completely if your home is on a downgrade. If there is no water in the pipes, there is nothing to expand.
  • If you do not drain, leave water running at a small constant trickle. Flowing water is less likely to freeze than standing.
  • Insulate exposed pipes & faucets outside the home.
  • Pour anti freeze into the bowl and tank in each toilet, per directions on the bottle. This will prevent the water in the toilet from freezing if there is a power failure.
  • Clean out gutters. Water can back up in debris filled gutters, forcing water out in the wrong areas of your home.
  • Trim branches that hang over your home. During an ice or windstorm, branches hanging over home can fall and cause damage.
  • Weatherize all windows and doors

Remember with all vacant property, always check with your homeowners insurance policy on how long your property can remain vacant and your insurance coverage is valid. If your home is currently for sale, remember the contract to purchase it requires that the seller has all utilities on during the contract until the day of closing.   If you would like more information about selling your home, in winter or summer, please contact me.


Cedar Park Stage 3 Water Restrictions – August 1, 2013

July 18th, 2013

Courtesy of Cedar Park

As drought conditions persist in Central Texas, Cedar Park is adopting stage 3 water restrictions effective August 1, 2013.   All residential and commercial addresses will be allowed to water once a week.  In addition to weekly watering the restrictions included:

  • Sprinkler systems must be in good working order
  • Automobiles must be washed at a commercial car wash
  • Ornamental ponds and fountains are prohibited unless necessary to support aquatic life
  • No usage of water to wash sidewalks or driveways
  • Power washers are prohibited
  • Single family residential pools “auto fill” must be turned off and limit refill on designated water day
  • Residential recreational sprinkler devises such as slip and slides are prohibited.

With stage 3 water restrictions, there are options for home owners, the city suggests that residents can reduce water consumption and still have a beautiful landscape but using drought tolerant plants and foliages.     For homeowners that think their HOA will not allow for drought tolerance plants or xerioscaping, that has changed in Texas.  SB 198 modifies section 202.07 of Texas Property Code that restricts the HOA from enforcing a provision that would prohibit or restrict the home owner from using drought-resisintat landscaping or water conserving natural turf.  Homeowners may still need to get approval, but it may not be unreasonably denied or withheld. The city has put forth a quick video that reviews the coming changes.

Those that fail to follow the new watering guidelines can be levied hefty fines for up to $200 for residential and $1,000 for commercial customer.  With Lake Travis just at 618, we all have to do our part in water conservation.   The city of Cedar Park’s website provides valuable information on the new water restrictions, I urge all residence to review and share with neighbors.

If you have questions about how changing your landscape would affect your property values please feel free to contact me.  If you are thinking about selling, buyer or investing in real estate and not sure if it is the right time, call me at 513-368-3910 to discuss.